Why do we do what we do?

The science is clear. Climate change is real. The ice is melting, the earth is warming and seas are rising. You believe it is real but feel it is beyond your control. Well, we've been there and continue to ask ourselves "What can we do to make a difference?" Instead of letting the fog of confusion and the enormity of the issue leave us feeling hopeless, we've decided to find small and simple alternatives through the act of growing food in small urban spaces with children and their communities.

Our Vision.

The city should be filled with beautiful and bountiful food gardens that will connect children and their communities to nature, culture and the environment. 

Our Mission.

Design and create vibrant, ecological and compact food gardens that’ll inspire children and their communities to connect with nature, live sustainably as a community and make growing food second nature.

Beyond Gardening.

Since inception in 2014, we've placed working with children and their communities at the centre of what we do. We're passionate about creating urban food gardens that connect children to nature giving them a space to learn about their role in this urban web of life. A space for world-shaping activities. A place that inspires them to work with nature, shape resilient communities and cities of the future and respond to change and their environment in creative and sustainable ways.

Permaculture design principles help us create beautiful and bountiful compact food gardens. As a multidisciplinary practice, it helps us build spaces beyond gardening to encourage observation, wonder, design, artistic expression, creative problem solving, community building and play.

Our team comprise of not only Permaculture Designers but also experience in community engagement, graphic design, construction, DIY and content production. We also collaborate with a pool of technical experts and artists to ensure a diverse and enriching experience for our community. We've worked with schools, kindergartens, developers, urban farming practitioners and organisations working with children.  

Abundance in small spaces.

Everyone living in the city should have the opportunity to grow some food despite space and time constraints. To address their needs and challenges we also design and create down to earth and simple urban food growing solutions that'll help them grow some food and share their bounty.

Grow some food close to home, work or even at your child's school. We guarantee you and your family will start thinking about water, energy, nutrition, seeds, GMO, worms, food waste, composting, natural systems, sustainable materials, the food chain, how you eat, life cycles and much more. You'll start looking for alternatives and solutions. You will make a difference. 

You can count on us for. . .

  1. Creative urban gardening workshops and events for children and their communities.
  2. Nature inspired urban garden installations and programmes for children, communities and organisations.
  3. Content that'll make permaculture accessible and help you and your family pursue earth care daily.
  4. Down-to-earth and simple urban gardening solutions to help you create compact and fascinating ecological gardens.



Permaculture Designer

For as long as I can remember, I've been curious about food and farms. My grandfather and father ran an organic composting business, the hot heap of compost and worms at the edges of the heap mesmerised. When I produced a radio documentary called Hear and Now in Malaysia I met many local farmers and entrepreneurs. This was a profound experience. I started seeking alternatives to our food system.
I attained my Permaculture Design Certificate early 2014 from The Permaculture Research Institute and applied urban permaculture immediately, growing food in small spaces, running workshops and working with children and their communities. Cultivate central was created as a way to help reunite urban cultures to growing food and weave ecological gardens in neighbourhoods and cities. I serve clients and communities both in Malaysia and Singapore, where I currently reside.


Graphic Design

When I'm not stepping on toys & busy answering 'what does mother nature look like?' kind of questions from my child, I spend my time perfecting the art of composting on my balcony and building a graphic design portfolio.
I love food but living in a city that relies on imported fresh produce, I realised how detached we are from our food source. Composting and playing with soil is an important way for our children to appreciate the natural way of creating abundance from earth and growing fruit and vegetables.


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