Let's grow food in small spaces

Let's be part of the homegrown movement

Let's connect with nature


Join us on a Permaculture journey. "Perma..what??". If you are new to Permaculture Design this is a great place to start. We'll share all we know, continue to learn and experience. Filled with stories, interviews and ideas to help you grow food in small spaces and find simple ways to pursue earth care on a daily basis.

Create Spaces

You would like to turn a small space close to home, work or at your child's school into a splendid little garden. We create enriching community experiences by designing and creating vibrant, ecological and compact urban gardens.


Our Creative Urban Gardening Workshops for children are designed to facilitate ideas beyond gardening to observation, exploration, design, artistic expressions and problem solving. We present an opportunity for your child to be hands-on. A chance for them to discover nature and ask questions. To seek their sense of place in the world and shape it with greater awareness.



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