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October - December 2015, at these classes we used Permaculture Design principles in a small mini garden installation called Speed of Growth a Playeum to help kids discover patterns in nature, learn about garden elements, the interaction between sun, soil, water, plants and worms too! They will also learn to find resourceful ways to build a garden within a context of an urban setting.


Permaculture is a multidisciplinary practice. It brings together knowledge from different areas such as agriculture, ecology, architecture, science and technology. Using a holistic approach it can offer children thinking tools and ideas for ecologically sound habitats, sustainable gardens and food sources as well as develop resilient communities. These series of 10 classes give kids meaningful hands-on-time with a focus on observation so it will lead to new discoveries, experience and questions about nature and their sense of place in the urban ecological web. Their minds will open and imagination will spark with experiential practice including artistic explorations, DIY garden experiments, garden design and growing their own food organically.

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